Hello Readers of Literacy Voices,

As your editor of this section of the Montana State Reading Council I welcome you to the new Literacy Voices. The purpose of this section is to bring you different articles, blogs, websites, and different connections to…everywhere. We will strive for quality, not quantity, and information will be on an ongoing, continuous basis.

Your needs are the whole purpose of this section, so please email me with what you want to see here. Your perspective on literacy is crucial to represent the diversity of ideas about what constitutes the best for student literacy. So send to me ideas, articles you have written, sites for articles pertinent to our purpose, leads to great authors, research, searches, and anything else that is on your mind about reading! Together we will share as many voices as possible.

Thank you for your commitment to literacy for all.


Leslie Ferrell, Ed.D.
Literacy Voices Editor
332 Blaine Street, Missoula 59801